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DeSoto Campus

The DeSoto Campus is located in Arcadia, Fla. on NE Turner Avenue in the center of a growing economic area and less than a mile from the Turner Agri-Civic Center; The Mosaic Rodeo Arena, which hosts the All-Florida Championship Rodeo; the Peace River Valley Citrus Growers Association; University of Florida’s IFAS Center; DeSoto County High School; and DeSoto Memorial Hospital. The special offerings at the DeSoto Campus include the Electrical Lineworker program and Automotive Service Technology. Yoga classes are also offered both in the evening and daytime. Specialty classes are taught as needed, such as water/wastewater courses and welding. 

Hardee Campus

The Hardee Campus is located at 2968 US 17 North in Bowling Green, Fla., a short distance from Downtown Wauchula. The Electrical Lineworker program is a very popular option for students on the Hardee Campus. The Hardee Campus is also a dual enrollment and collegiate hub for students attending Hardee Senior High. Juniors and seniors in the school district attend the Hardee Campus for part of the day or the entire day earning college credit toward their chosen major. The Hardee Campus hosts the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program in its nursing lab providing a certificate program and workforce training for this highly employable field. Students can take all courses necessary to complete associate degrees with the exception of foreign language which can be taken online. The Hardee Campus also encourages student engagement in community activities through its student government group, the Hardee Ambassadors, who participate in local civic events such as Paint the Town. Students participating in the Hardee Ambassadors also participate in back-to-school activities for the district and engage in other community service initiatives.

Lake Placid Center

The Lake Placid Center offers adult education, welding, and vocational, GED, and ESOL courses. Dual enrollment represents a large percentage of the Center’s population with students enrolled in college courses. It is located within Lake Placid, Fla., the Town of Murals, with 50 outdoor displays covering its downtown buildings, and the Caladium Capital of the World serving as host to a festival highlighting the plant every July. At the Lake Placid Center, students can take lab science classes, such as Biology and Anatomy & Physiology, in fully stocked laboratories. Students enrolled in these courses typically pursue degrees in nursing, radiologic technology, and dental hygiene at SFSC or transfer to a Florida university after obtaining their associate degree.