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Welcome to South Florida State College
Student Life
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South Florida State College provides a unique, affordable, and supportive experience.

At SFSC, we offer our students:

  • Small classes
  • Personal attention
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Financial assistance
  • Workforce training
  • Dual Enrollment
  • GED Prep
  • Employability skills
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • Transfer opportunities
  • Career services
  • Palm trees and sun

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My favorite thing about living in Florida is the weather. For the most part, the weather's fantastic.

The people are really friendly. People are really nice. This is a great environment to stay and to live. When it comes to the degrees, we have over 70 different programs that you can get your degree in.

The classes are small, and I would say the benefits of a small class size is having an easy access to the teachers and also having a better concept of what the teacher is actually teaching.

This college is very flexible when it comes to payment plans and helping students who don't get financial aid or who aren't granted financial aid to be able to pay and come to school.

We are designed to get students to the workforce quickly. In Corporate Education, we offer short-term training programs as short as four weeks. These are non-credit programs, and we offer from commercial truck driving to nursing assistant; construction programs, from carpentry to roofing; and we also offer soft skills, skills that include teamwork, effective communication, and management and leadership skills as well.

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