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Associate in Arts

The Associate in Arts (AA) degree at SFSC encompasses an array of disciplines. Students can attend general education courses and earn their AA at SFSC prior to transferring to a university to pursue a bachelor's degree. The amount of money that students save in tuition for their first two years is in the thousands. 

Something that is nice about South Florida State College is that AA grads can transfer to any Florida University, and they also have programs with USF through their Fuse program and FAMU Ignite program and Florida Polytech. I want to be a marine biologist, so when I found out that South Florida State College had a Fuse program with USF, I was ecstatic about coming here and starting off my education and then being able to transfer over to USF for my Biology degree. I think students should attend South Florida State College because it is a better financial choice for them to get their AA degree here and get those common core classes out of the way before attending a larger university. At the college, there are various programs that students can be involved in. Something that I'm involved in is an independent study where we are trying to find a cure for congestive heart failure in dogs and I personally am trying to find a cure in kidney failures in cats.

In the Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education, you go through three internships, where you are in a classroom getting practical hands on knowledge about teaching and how classroom management works. That's one of the biggest things you learn in this program. And networking is really important. You get to meet a lot of people, and it gives you opportunities for your future.

I am very excited to be a part of this research experience because not most people will have this opportunity offered to them until they are in their grad programs.