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Adult Education

The Adult Education Department at SFSC helps students acquire basic academic skills, earn a high school diploma, and improve their ability to communicate in English through courses in:

  • Adult basic literacy
  • English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • GED Prep
The GED test in general has changed over the years, but right now, as it is, it tests for college and career readiness more than just high school standards. One thing that we have noticed based on feedback from employers in the community, not just in our state, but in other states, is that a lot of the employees that are being hired, they are not specifically college and career ready. So we kind of help students learn effective learning strategies, high engagement strategies, we help them understand the changes to the test as they change, and we help them prepare for that test. When you graduate from the GED Prep program, you have the opportunity to walk alongside other South Florida State graduates at the graduation ceremony.

So here at South Florida State College, we offer a 14 week intensive boot camp course that is going to cover every subject on the GED test, which is going to help students pass their test at a faster rate. One of the biggest misconceptions that I see from students coming in would be that it just gives you a high school equivalent, but that's not the case. When you pass your GED test, the same people that would sign the high school diplomas for the local community schools would also be signing the south florida state college diploma.

The ESOL program offered by South Florida State College is offered at all four campuses. And the good thing about being an ESOL student or being part of the adult education program is that we're a team, so we help each other reach our goals. We help the ESOL students not only learn English, which they will need, you're making good connections in terms of people that are going to help you get farther in life.