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Find Your Path

South Florida State College can get you connected to the career of your dreams. There are a variety of career pathways that you can pursue. Many SFSC graduates start jobs before they walk across the stage with their degree.

SFSC also allows for a seamless transfer to a Florida university through a formal agreement with the institution.

Students obtain their associate degree and transfer to:

  • Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU)
  • Florida Polytechnic University
  • University of South Florida (USF)

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This campus offers a wide variety of degrees. Teaching, nursing, and our nursing program is one of the best in Florida.

I'm a business admin major, and I'm getting my bachelor's degree right now. And honestly, I feel like my program is one of the best.

I am currently a collegiate high school student. Starting my junior year of high school, I was given the opportunity to go to the college full time. South Florida State College has really encouraged me to pursue a degree in biology in the future. Professor Bohan, who is now my mentor from my research class, also got me really interested in undergraduate research. And eventually I want to become a wildlife biologist and work with endangered species, study them, and travel. Things like that.

For the past two years, I've met so many people that have been helping me through my journey. Because I'm a first generation college student, so my mom has no idea what we're doing. So she's like, "um, what are credit hours?" I was like, "all right, mom. This is what they are."

So I mean, as soon as I got here, I had teachers helping me out. They're like, "if you ever need anything--" especially at the dorms where I live. The front desk people-- they were like, "if you need any groceries-- you just need something to eat. You just let me know." And I just felt completely welcome when I came here.

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