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Corporate and Community Education

South Florida State College provides continuing education courses and customized corporate training that can be delivered on campus, at a business location, or online. Some courses that are available include:

  • Carpentry and roofing
  • Commercial vehicle driving
  • Insurance 
  • Nursing assistant
  • Plumbing
  • Real Estate
  • Welding

The Corporate and Community Education Department also offers a summer day camp for elementary school students through Camp Adventure, driver education programs, enrichment courses, the Lifetime Learners Institute, and the Heartland Senior Games. 

So in Corporate Education, we offer a wide variety of classes from Welding, to Construction Trades, to Truck Driving to earn a Class A, B, or C driver's license. Also offer Real Estate Agent and Early Childhood Education and Nursing Assistant. So these are workforce programs designed to provide short term training, and we assist students with finding employment. All of our programs are designed with labs so that students get that hands on experience. Our instructors also assist with resume writing and interview skills as well.

So Corporate Education offers a course called 5G. This is designed to accelerate soft skills which are also known as employability skills.

In Community and Corporate Education, our goal is to educate and encourage the people in our area, in everything from Sports to the Construction Trades. And the purpose for it is, in a short period of time with the certificate based programs, is to enable our students and equip them. And students can range anywhere from high school graduates to people in their 40s and 50s that are looking for a career change or want to do something different, and in a short period of time, have the skill sets and the knowledge that they need to be able to accomplish those goals.

Community Education has three major events per year. We have Lifetime Learners. We also host the Heartland Senior Games. During the summer, we also have Camp Adventure, where we work with elementary aged students and middle schoolers.